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Detailed Task List to Arrange Joining & Converting


Free WMA WAV MP3 Joiner helps you join all MP3 files together into one big MP3 file. It provides several simple ways to easily adjust the joining/converting order: you can adjust the sequence by dragging audio files in the list to the new position you'd like to move; add more files or remove any of the tasks to adjust the sequences. The software provides a window with most detailed info of audio files (like file location, format and filename) to arrange audio joining & conversion.

Fact: Some other MP3 joiners just lack this feature to rearrange the order of audio files, bringing some unnecessary troubles when you want to join or convert audio files in a specific sequence. But our free joiner software provides this thoughtful function to save time & arrange your work.


After launching Free WMA WAV MP3 Joiner, you can input the audio files to the program and a task list with file info (like file location, format and filename) to arrange audio joining & converting is displayed. It allows you to easily add & remove the files and rearrange the joining & converting sequences by dragging audio file in the list and dropping it in a suitable position. Now, you can join & convert rearranged audio files to your system.

Arrange Tasks

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