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Join Audio Files of Various Formats into a Bigger One


Free WMA WAV MP3 Joiner is a fast and robust MP3 joiner application to join separate audiobook chapters into one big audiobook or combine many separate music tracks into one non-stop audio CD. With our completely free software, you can join audio files to several formats including WMA, MP3, WAV & OGG, without losing quality. The intuitive user interface makes operation easily.

Fact: MP3 files can be joined indirectly after a lot of bother. You can convert them to uncompressed WAV, join the WAV files and convert the resulting single file back to MP3 format. However, with this approach, quality losses are inevitable. MP3 is a lossy format, which means that when you convert audio to this format, some quality is lost. But our audio software utility helps you join MP3 files directly by preserving the original quality, without converting them to WAV and back.


After launching Free WMA WAV MP3 Joiner, you can see "Add Files" button on the right top. Click on it to add MP3 files to the task list. Dragging files to the joining list is allowed. You can remove one or all the added files by "Delete" or "Clear" button if needed. Then, choose ".mp3" from the "Export Format" dropdown menu (MP3/WMA/WAV/OGG supported). If further quality settings required, you can adjust the output configuration by applying format presets or specifying detailed parameters. At last, check the "Merge" option. Click "Merge" button to select the output folder or enter a name for the output MP3 file in the activated window and click "Save" to start joining. When the process bar disappears, the audio files have been successfully joined.

MP3 Joiner

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